Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 - What are the eligibility criteria for getting admission in airhostess course?

You should have a minimum qualification of HS if you want admission in the cabin crew. You should be minimum 18 years and maximum 27 years. Men’s height should be 170 cms and women’s height, 157 cms. Weight should be in proportion to height. The candidate should be unmarried and fluency in English and Hindi is preferable.

Q.2 – What are the durations of the cabin crew course and hospitality courses?
Q.3 – What is the cost of the programme?

It will cost you around Rs.1, 50,000 including with admission fee, the tuition fees, uniform fees, books fees, grooming kit, swimming classes, Workshop and practical fees.

Q.4 – What is an Aviation Language Proficiency Test?

"The Aviation Language Proficiency Test (ALPT) is an English-language or French-language proficiency test, set in an aviation context. It is designed for people with some knowledge of aviation whose native language is not English" - This is for the pilots so they can communicate efficiently on the radio in English.

Q.5 – Is Cabin Crew better or the Ground Crew?

Cabin crew handles the responsibilities inside the airline and Ground crew handles all the airport responsibilities. Both are equally important and both are considered as prestigious jobs that pay you well and offer you growing opportunities along with numerous other facilities.

Q.6 – I wear glasses; will that cause a hindrance to my admission?

No, that will not cause any problem as long as your vision is within the standards set. You can wear contact lenses. Please check with your aviation doctor for the requirements.

Q.7 – Is fluent English necessary?

Yes, You should be fluent in English because you will be dealing with all kinds of passengers and language should not be a problem. Every student must take the Language Proficiency Test, in order to assess students’ listening comprehension, speaking ability, and responses to different verbal scenarios.

Q.8 – Will we get to fly while we are still students?

Yes! Of course, you will get to fly as a student three or more times a week perhaps. It is part of your learning and training. You will be guided and instructed by the expert trainers.

Q.9 – I am scared flying, is it safe?

Flying is perfectly safe! We are extra careful about safety. We make sure that all our aircraft are handled and maintained by the experienced and certified mechanics. Aircraft are inspected at regular intervals and are tested before being put in service. The expert, certified flight instructors will make sure you feel both safe and confident while operating in our aircraft.

Q.10 – Is job guaranteed after the completion of the course?

Yes, you will definitely be qualified, trained, capable enough and ready to get on the field and serve the Aviation Industry. We will assist you till you make it in.

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