We are an educational institute, striving to create a sensation in the in the soaring heights by reaching our masterpieces out there equipped with the right tools and enough trainings. We don’t just help you get on the field but train you to last with our intense classroom lessons and practical learning sessions in which we depart principles and procedures demanded and utilized by the Aviation World.

Aviation Industry is gaining speed and is very rapidly becoming common and the most sorted medium of transport which has touched the overall system of our country. The air traffic in India is expected to be 450 million by the end of 2020. The growth of the Industry has given birth to a portal of job opportunities paying a handsome amount of money. The best time to start is right after your basic educational qualifications, Earlier the better.

We offer you courses like cabin crew courses, ground staff courses, retail management course and hospitality. We will give you intensive classes covering every aspect of the Aviation Industry. You will be taught about safe airport handling, cargo and transportation, passenger handling, and customer service. Our courses are designed in such a manner that it will allow you to work in any department of the Aviation Industry in India and around the world.

North East Aviation offers most glamorous career to those who have a dream to fly. Indeed the evolving commercial service industry both in India and abroad is throwing challenges and new career options. After successful training we provide placements to students. We keep innovating ourselves to keep up to the demands set by service industry.


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Mr. Prabir Kumar Das | Mr. Soumitra Das

India today has the third largest aviation market handling 121 million domestic and 41 million international passengers each year, but the scenario is soon going to change and the numbers are going to rise because India is one of those countries, whose Aviation Industry is taking big leaps.

Government has taken certain measures in order to provide affordable air connectivity to the remote areas of the country, as a contribution to the Aviation world. The Airport Authority of India, plans on investing RS.1500 crores in the development of non metro airports during the 12th and around US$ 120 billion in the development of the infrastructure of the Airport.

There is going to be a major and a drastic growth and expansion in the Aviation World in coming years, probably by 2020. The demand for air travel is going to swell and the air traffic is going to increase in much larger scale. Around 200 airports are expected to be opened over the period of next 20 years and so will the demand for trained experts and professionals to handle the important task of handling airport responsibilities and the airline duties. We prepare for tomorrow and give you wings so you can fly to where you belong.

Let us conclude that at North East Aviation we prepare youth for professional career as well put efforts to develop their personality. So, welcome to North East Aviation.

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